Terms and Conditions for the Student Service Portal

The EduPoint Student Portal (the Portal) is a unit enrolment tool. The following Terms and Conditions (Terms) are related to the use of the Portal. Students who makes use of the Portal agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions.

1.       General

1.1. Students must agree to adhere to the Conditions of Enrolment.

1.2. The available times for self-service enrolment of units will be published on the Moodle home page. Self-service unit enrolment and amendment is available up until the enrolment deadline (two weeks from the class commencement date). Unit withdrawal is available up until census date (four weeks from the class commencement date). Students are to refer to the Academic Dates on the website to confirm the census date relevant to their semester.

1.3. The Student agrees not to cause any interference with or cause disorder to the networks and/or computers connected to the network.

1.4. Students with non-standard unit enrolment requirements, or those who cannot submit unit enrolment requests via self-service, are to contact the Academic Department directly.


2.       Accuracy of Information and Compulsory Reporting

2.1. The Student agrees to enter accurate and correct information into the Portal in relation to their unit enrolment.

2.2. The Student acknowledges that the information entered into the Portal will be used for statistical purposes and compulsory reporting to the Department of Education and Training, and hereby grants their consent for their information to be reported to the Department of Education and Training.

2.3. The Student agrees to continually review and update all personal information that is entered into the Portal to ensure such records are up to date and accurate.

2.4. The Student acknowledges that the provision of false, inaccurate or misleading information may result in cancellation or suspension of your enrolment.

3.       Privacy

3.1. In accordance with Condition 2.2 of these Terms, the Student acknowledges that TOP will collect their personal and confidential information for the purposes of enrolment and compulsory reporting to the Government.

3.2. Notwithstanding Condition 3.1, TOP will ensure that the Studentís personal information will be kept securely, confidentially and will not be disclosed to third parties without the express authorisation from the Student.


4.       Password Management

4.1. It is the Studentís responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of their login details and their password.

4.2. The Student is responsible for all activities that take place under their password.

4.3. The Student agrees to notify TOP of any breach or compromise of the Studentís password details.




5.       Breach of Terms

5.1. If the Studentís conduct is found in contravention of these Terms, TOP in its reasonable opinion may impose sanction or penalties against the Student.

5.2. Sanctions and penalties may include suspending or cancelling access to the Portal or other disciplinary measures that TOP may reasonably see fit pursuant to the Code of Conduct of Students.


6.       Variation of Terms

6.1. The Institute reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend, vary or modify any of these Terms from time to time and as it sees fit.

6.2. The Student acknowledges that continued use of the Portal shall constitute as consent to any changes or variations made to these Terms.


7.       Disclaimer

7.1. The Student accepts that unit selections submitted via this Portal may not be finalised unit enrolments. TOP reserves the right to approve and finalise all unit enrolment requests.

7.2. The Student will not hold TOP liable for any loss or damage incurred from the use of the Portal, unless such loss or damage was caused by a negligent act or omission by TOP.

7.3. The Student agrees that it is their responsibility to make their unit selections at the specified time and to ensure that their systems are in working order to make such selections.


8.       Academic Department Details

8.1. For any other enquiries regarding unit enrolment self-service, please contact the Academic Department. Phone: 02 9209 4888. Email: as@top.edu.au